New perspectives through precise lace symmetry

New perspectives through precise lace symmetry

Symm-Net articles made using the new MJ 92/1 B impress with their perfectly symmetrical appearance

Lace is a delicate seducer. The more finely crafted its ground structure, the more effective its refined designs come across, and as such, the higher the overall quality. The innovative Symm-Net pieces, which can be produced on KARL MAYER’s new MJ 92/1 B, have a look that sets new standards.

Lace offering maximum clarity and balance

Symm-Net lace is characterised by an extremely delicate design, offering absolute symmetry. This is thanks to the particular configuration of the MJ 92/1 B – the new multi-bar jacquard raschel machine features a split-design jacquard bar with separate threading, and can thus work using both equal and counter lapping. In addition, the newcomer has two ground guide bars at the back for counter-lapped elastane.

For Symm-Net’s ground structure, GB1 works a pillar notation whilst the jacquard bar works a counter-lapped inlay. The result is a net structure with absolutely symmetrical, clearly defined symmetry. To perfect the geometry, the two elastane bars with split threading – i.e. 1 in, 1 out – and counter-lapping patterning mirror the movement of the jacquard bar. The lapping patterns thus look as follows: • JB 91: 0 – 0 / 2 – 2 // and JB 92: 2 – 2 / 0 – 0 // • GB 93: 0 – 0 / 1 – 1 // and GB 94: 1 – 1 / 0 – 0 // The ground structure is not only more uniform, but also more stable than its counterparts manufactured with equal lapping. The advantages of Symm-Net are particularly visible when working finer mesh constructions.

“When it comes to a delicate appearance, Leavers lace traditionally sets the standard; in particular, Endsor- Net is known for its delicate design. There is hardly any discernible difference with Symm-Net, which should open up new design perspectives, especially for the premium brands in Europe,” explained Jamie Heather, lace expert at KARL MAYER. Symm-Net offers a further advantage thanks to its simple pattern development. For example, the patterning process does not require any updates to the commonly used patterning software, SAPO and ProCad – only the machine database needs to be adapted.

High design flexibility

In addition to the Symm-Net variants, all existing patterns of the OJ 91/1 B, MJ 85/1 B and OJ 83/1 B can be implemented on the MJ 92/1 B in E 24 without restrictions; switching from the new counter lapping to the traditional JACQUARDTRONIC® LACE pattern is seamless. Jamie Heather is certain this flexibility will give customers a real competitive advantage.

All the prerequisites for a bestseller

The MJ 92/1 B has been successfully offered on the market since May 2021. The newcomer is available in gauge E 24, with a working width of 134″. Despite its high design flexibility, it still offers first-class productivity. It can also reach speeds of up to 800 rpm when producing Symm-Net articles. To allow for diverse product design, 88 pattern guide bars and two elastane bars, arranged in 16 shogging lines, are available. Thanks to these features, the MJ 92/1 B mainly produces elastic galloon lace, but also all-over lace for stylish lingerie items.

“With Symm-Net articles, our newcomer demonstrates what it can do. The lace with its delicate, symmetrical ground structure makes the MJ 92/1 B particularly interesting for our customers in the western market,” says a confident Sascha Müller, Regional Lace & Raschel Product Owner at KARL MAYER. In addition to efficiently implementing creative lace designs, the new multi-bar jacquard raschel machine offers short changeover times, low maintenance, and easy yet reliable operation.

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