Mayur Reeds And Healds: Leading textile innovation at ITMA 2023

Mayur Reeds And Healds: Leading textile innovation at ITMA 2023

The use of better raw materials, enhanced in-house manufacturing processes have resulted in higher quality products for our customers, says Jignesh Shroff.

In post pandemic times, the first of its kind, world’s largest textile machineries & accessories exhibition ‘ITMA 2023” took place in Milan, Italy recently. Which was a success. Mayur Reeds And Healds participated as an exhibitor at the event. Despite global challenges, the show had strong exhibitors & attracted good quality visitors overall.

The show ITMA 2023 being in Europe & being the largest in the world, the company’s expectations were that this is where world over textile technologies converge and are day viewed. In this high-tech digital world, everything is faster (weaving looms) and highly quality oriented than before. Mayur expected to have visitors who will demand the same products but with international level of performance. Customers who are price conscious and looking to buy alternatives or substitutes to the current will visit. Hence, they prepared accordingly. After the success of India-ITME 2022, a similar exhibition at India in December 2022, the company geared up for ITMA 2023. As a part of readiness, they saw the need to take several steps.

One of which was to consolidate their companies and have all offerings under one banner of Mayur for the ease of the customer. A ‘one stop shop’ experience, (one vendor registration for multiple items). In January 2023, Mayur merged the different units to just one. Here they now manufacture and sell all types of weaving accessories (reeds, healds, dropwires, heald frames & accessories) under the brand name of ‘Mayur.’

“The use of better raw materials, enhanced in-house manufacturing processes have resulted in higher quality products for our customers. These products have better performance & output. Products to fulfill weaving of technical textile fabrics & high-tech fabrics were showcased at our booth. We had visitors who were interested in these products (Weaving Reeds). Not only that, we displayed some items (Lease Reeds & Fix Reeds) for the weaving preparation industry & customers. Interestingly at this ITMA, we had inquiries from weaving preparation machinery manufacturer who are interested in sourcing accessories for their customers to go with the machines (Original Equipment Manufacturer & supplier). Some of our existing customers from the ribbon / narrow fabric manufacturing machinery makers also visited expecting more from us,” said Jignesh Shroff, MD, Mayur Reeds & Healds.

The major chunk of the visitors were from EU, Latin America, & Middle East. None who the company finalised any orders with but many who are interested in testing the products to establish a long terms supply system business relationship. In the post pandemic era, Mayur strongly felt that India is the focal point for manufacturing of normal fabrics in bulk & specific high-end high-tech technical textiles for special purposes. So, at the ITMA 2023, the prospects were clear. A strong and upcoming bulk market for home textiles & apparel industry for within the country and then specialties for exports are eyeballed. Certain technologically advance companies have also approached them to offer advancement support.

“We at Mayur Reeds And Healds, feel that no matter what happens geopolitically around the world over the next 12 to 18 months, all the economies will limp back and improve. But all eyes are on India. We will need to manufacturer, grow and the world will demand that we deliver. For which, we are prepared by way of finest variety of raw materials, infrastructure, ease of business systems, & a strong range of Mayur brand weaving accessories such as final products being reeds, healds, & dropwires,” concluded Shroff.

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