Marzoli presents AI for spinning sector at ITMA Asia

Marzoli presents AI for spinning sector at ITMA Asia

Marzoli – a Camozzi Group - presented Brain Box, an artificial intelligence (AI) mechanism used in the spinning sector at ITMA Asia + CITME 2021 in Shanghai.



Marzoli – a Camozzi Group – presented Brain Box, an artificial intelligence (AI) mechanism used in the spinning sector at ITMA Asia + CITME 2021 in Shanghai. Marzoli, established in 1851, is one of the major worldwide brands in the textile sector and is a division of Camozzi Group since 1999. It is also a unique European manufacturer of complete machine lines ranging from the opening of short-staple fibre to preparing and spinning it. It also offers advanced technology for spinning mills from bale openers to ring spinning frames. Marzoli is a reliable and skilled partner because of its global sales and service network, the expertise of the manufacturing process, and expertise with each type of fibre and its application. The synergies of Camozzi Group and Marzoli have led to the development of software solutions for the optimized management of the spinning process.

Marzoli – a leader in the supply of complete spinning lines, digitalized solutions, and components used to optimise performance in the sipping sector – has the ability to work closely with the customers, thereby supporting them in all the phases of the process. The company’s logo “Textile Engineering” perfectly expresses the same. From a single machine to a complete spinning mill, the company offers services at all stages. Various services offered include business plan development, financing activities, automation level analysis, staff training, and organisation of maintenance activities.

Marzoli, the premier global partner for the textile industry, showcased Draw Frame DFR1 at ITMA Asia. It leads the field as it decides the production capacity and yarn quality. Other features include high flexibility, low operational costs, ease to operate, and outstanding reliability. The company is also an expert in developing the most advanced digital technologies which provide smart solutions for plant management, remote control, and predictive maintenance.

To ensure reduction of machine downtime, an improvement in the useful life of the parts, and effective maintenance, the company has developed MRM which stands for Marzoli Remote Maintenance. It is the first patented platform in the world that is used to analyze the data produced by machinery processes and also to monitor critical operations. Another, highly innovative software is YarNet which is used to manage the Marzoli spinning process directly from the computer. The customers whose aim is to maximize productivity and profitability can use this technology.

The company also uses artificial intelligence in spinning mills. Designed with an integrated APP, Brain Box is patented Marzoli software that is used to improve the performance of the plant. It can improve productivity by 5.5%, increase efficiency by 8%, and can save energy by 1.5%. It is simpler to use and faster to install.
TAOMAPP is an innovative way to analyze cotton. It is used to detect the trash present in cotton by taking photographs using a smart-phone. Based on ultra-high resolution image recognition techniques, the results quantify on the Marzoli Trash Index. The application can be downloaded easily.

Another effective tool is the Trash Analyzer. This tool along with Marzoli software platforms is used to analyze cotton trash content so that the machine setup can be optimized. When there is a flow of material in the pipeline, a trash analyzer can be used.

The innovative solutions for the nonwoven sector offered by Marzoli was also presented at ITMA Asia. Marzoli is qualified to implement plants for nonwoven products. It has deep experience and technological knowledge in fibre preparation. Other very important topics that will be covered at the trade fair will be related to the circular economy, recycling, embracing sustainability, and other green disciplines. Marzoli has focused innovation in the mechanical regeneration of textile fibres for many years. According to Cristian Locatelli, Marzoli General Manager, adopting green technologies by balancing business needs and environmental sustainability is of high importance for Marzoli. He also added that circularity with the help of fabric regeneration is used to create a synergetic value chain. The circular fibre supply chain will boost learning and development of know-how pushing innovation and opening up to new potential.

As per Lodovico Camozzi, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Camozzi Group, the group is excited to be a part of the ITMA. This participation will give a chance to compare with other professionals in the industry and also will offer an opportunity to display the high value of Marzoli solutions for spinning. He also said that the company is all pumped up to meet challenging new goals and achieve growth in the target markets.

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