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Marzoli enabling textile with smart factory operations

Aug 05, 2020
Marzoli enabling textile with smart factory operations

Marzoli, an Italian company since 1851, is a leading exponent and system supplier of spinning machinery. It provides the latest generation plants, electronic control, and management systems, with which spinning operations can be managed at maximum yield. This demonstrates the added value that makes Marzoli the ideal partner to help customers excel in the yarn spinning world for quality, reliability, flexibility, and efficiency. The range of products are:

  • Opening Section: Openers & Cleaners, Mixers & Blenders, Card
  • Combing Section: Draw Frames, Lap Winder, Comber, Lap Transport
  • Spinning Section: Roving Frame, Ring Spinning Frame, Integrated Transport System

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Marzoli is owned by Camozzi group since 1999. Marzoli India has set up in Hosur, Tamilnadu to assemble Roving frames and provides Sales & After Sales-Service. Nowadays, the major challenge of Textile Industry is its readiness to Industry 4.0 revolution. Industry 4.0 is emerging globally powerful force and is being flaunted as next industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 can be defined as the link between the physical and the digital worlds to turn conventional industry into a smart industry. Industry 4.0 facilitates - connects / merges production with information and communication technology, merges customer data with machine data, machine communicates with machine, components and Machines automatically manage production in a flexible, efficient and resource saving manner. The profitability of a spinning mill relies on the performance of machines: only if they run smoothly, continuously, efficiently and produce great volume of high-quality yarn, the spinning mill thrive.

Therefore, in order to maximise overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO), Marzoli has stepped into Industry 4.0 platform and ready with solution through MRM – Maintenance Management and YarNet-Production Management Tools towards “A whole new operations philosophy for the textile Sector”. These tools have been designed to provide end-to-end solution integrating overall maintenance monitoring, production monitoring and control needs for Marzoli and 3rd party machinery into one single platform, managing multiple spinning plants and units. Video link mentioned below about our solution to enable Manufacturers to step into Smart Factory Operations.