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Marzoli mobile app for trash analysis through photo scanning

Aug 01, 2020
Marzoli mobile app for trash analysis through photo scanning

Marzoli is one of the three spinning system suppliers in the world and has manufacturing experience of textile machinery for over 168 years. Marzoli is owned by Camozzi Group since 1999. Marzoli India has set up in Hosur, Tamil Nadu to assemble roving frames and provide Sales & After Sales-Service.

The mission of Marzoli derives from this consolidated expertise: being a solution provider by leveraging technical and technological know-how that is unique in the world. Recently, Marzoli launched an application TAOMapp (Trash Analyse Opening Marzoli Application) on trash analysis, which helps users to identify the trash. The analysis of trash is possible with the app TAOMApp, created by Marzoli in collaboration with Camozzi Digital, the first patented software platform in the world based on artificial intelligence.

The application use photos of the cotton bales to calculate trash level with AI technology. It permits to collect a large number of samples, in order to improve the accuracy and have a global situation of the material. The customer can take a photo of the raw material and the app gives back a value that can be A, B, C or D. These four categories represent four different levels of trash.

Steps to activate TAOMapp on your smart phone:

  • Go to Play Store in your Mobile and search for TAOMapp application
  • Trash Application TAOMApp to be installed on Android-based phone
  • After the installation, open the application and click on ‘Sign up’. Fill up all the details as required. Save the details and go to the home screen
  • Select ‘Sign In’ and give your mail id and password as you have configured in the above step. Tester person mail ID should be communicated to us

How to perform the test:
1. Choose a sample area on 1 cotton bale
2. The photos must be taken with the following procedure:
a) Distance of 10-15 cm from the sample
b) Not blurred (use the smartphone focus to help in that)
c) Containing only cotton and trash
3. For each sample, six photos will be required to do the analysis
4. After taking the photos, select all six photos and press analysis
5. Analysis will take a few seconds and will give back a value that can be A, B, C or D.These four categories represent four different levels of trash

Category ranges have been created based on the Global standards with certain sample of pictures. Marzoli suggests to take results from TAOMApp and match with the TA Instrument in R&D.