MAG SPinFO: Online spindle monitoring system for mills

MAG SPinFO: Online spindle monitoring system for mills

SPinFO?the online spinning monitoring system from MAG?has revolutionised the entire industry. SPinFO was launched in ITMA 2015 and received very good response from the whole spinning industry. It is a pride to be associated with many large groups through the installation of this system.

SPinFO?the online spinning monitoring system from MAG?has revolutionised the entire industry. SPinFO was launched in ITMA 2015 and received very good response from the whole spinning industry. It is a pride to be associated with many large groups through the installation of this system.

SPinFO is designed to give complete information about the performance of the spinning mill. It helps in optimising the deployed resources by continuously monitoring and controlling the essential process variables and improves the productivity and quality, thus increasing the profitability of the mill.

SPinFO acquires data from individual spindles in ring frame; individual preparatory machines precisely and provides a detailed overview of the machine performance to the users at various levels such as operators, supervisors, maintenance personnel, managers and the top management for immediate action, analysis and prompt decision making, thus ensuring the increased performance of the spinning mill through reduced manufacturing cost.

Monitoring parameters:

  • Production
  • Doffs
  • Stoppages
  • End Breaks
  • Rogue Spindles
  • Slip Spindles
  • Idle Spindles
  • Draft
  • Twist
  • Power Consumption
  • Air Consumption
  • Temperature & RH
  • Pneumafil Suction Control


  • Online monitoring of the above parameters and provides notifications/alerts to the concerned in time
  • Multi-data Dashboard with all details with colour coding for easy understanding
  • Simultaneous and multiple user access to the data.
  • Wireless data transmission between machines and access points to reduce wiring complexity and maintenance.
  • Six-tier information system provides exhaustive information for different levels (Shop floor to top management)
  • Dynamic and user friendly software provides various reports, analysis, trend and comparative analysis.
  • MIS reports through mail and software.
  • Mobile app for live data and notifications
  • Production and Alert messages through SMS
  • Multiple language support.
  • Automatic data back-up eliminates risk of data loss Roving stop motion
  • Pneumafil suction control system according to the end breaks.

Power consumption: Power analysis is another very important tool for monitoring the energy usage. All the important data like Kwh, voltage, frequency, power factor and UKG are provided. Based on this, management can compare the power consumption of individual machines and take decision / fine tune the machines for optimum usage. Graphical analysis is provided for analysing the power consumed for every minute, stages of cops and any deviation or higher consumption is easily revealed for correction. Comparison can be done if power is consumed uniformly in the same type of machine running with same count and mix. The deviation can be identified in this system and many mills have detected higher consumption in their machines and took corrective actions. Moreover, when the breakage is less, it is not necessary that pneumafil suction motor has to run in maximum frequency. On such cases, frequency will be adjusted automatically by the system based on the breakage level of the ring frames.

Air consumption: SPinFO is also supplied with live Air monitoring of compressed air. Reports are separated as Running/Doffing/Stop and air consumption is separately given. This is unique to SPinFO and very useful for arresting the leakages during the above functions in the machine.

Temperature & RH %: Temperature and RH% meter is installed in the machine and live data is stored for analysis. This module is useful for analysing the climatic changes in numerical and graphical form and useful for finding out if the end breaks are due to the climatic condition inside the mill or due to other issues

Roving stop motion: The RSM is directly linked with SPinFO and works on the end breaks. Installing this system saves you the precious roving becoming waste. The end break data is transmitted into the RSM control unit and the corresponding roving is stopped by actuating the shoe. RSM can be installed in any make and model of ring frames.


  • Precious raw material is saved from becoming waste
  • As the roving feed is stopped immediately, waste% is reduced drastically
  • Re-processing is reduced and improvement in working performance
  • Lapping/chocking is prevented
  • Multiple end breaks is prevented
  • Top roller/apron damages are reduced
  • Department cleanliness is improved

Preparatory production (carding to roving frame): Installing SPinFO in preparatory makes the monitoring system complete. The production, efficiency, stop and speed data is monitored round the clock and this data is useful for production and maintenance activities. The mills can monitor if the production is sufficient and running as per spin plan. In case of any deviations/breakdown, mills can plan according to the above data.


  • Compact and sturdily built with high-quality materials
  • Light weight, easy to balance, which ensures safer and reliable drive
  • Electric accelerator and battery-level indications available in battery and handle bar
  • Special type detachable battery ? four to five hours charging; 25 km ? mileage for each charge.

Analysis and Reports

Huge reports, analysis and graphical analysis is provided, which is very useful for comparing machines, operator, supervisor, machine group, unit and sheds. Mills can analyse which machine is performing better in which count and this is useful for deciding machine count allocation. These data is useful for costing also dynamic analysis facilitates numerical as well as graphical analysis of the data through,

  • Detailed analysis
  • Comparative analysis with graph
  • Trend analysis with graph
  • Speed curve analysis
  • Comparative report with sort and filter options for easier and faster analysis
  • Analysis Results can be exported to Excel/PDF for sharing and storing
  • User defined parameter analysis is provided to save templates according to mills requirement.
  • All these reports can be configured for mailer also for shift, day and week wise

Analysis report provides data in numerical and graphical format and has all the combinations mentioned above. Instantaneous Machine status display and drafts are also provided. Beyond all, customer can develop their own reports based on the requirements using ?user defined report tool?.

Mobile app, mail & SMS

Mobile App provides live data of current running status of all parameters and analysis of previous shifts or days? data. Customer is given the option for analysing any previous data for any period whether it is for count, machine, days or shifts. Notification based on set alert or information is part of mobile app. SMS is user configurable and any type of alerts can be set like stoppage, End breaks/doff time/deviations, etc., exceeding the set standard. It also sends automatic consolidated or detailed production report after completion of shift/day MIS report, which has all the important details and most required by the top management is sent automatically after completion of every day through mail. Shift and weekly data can also be configured.

Limits: Separate limits can be set as alerts in mobile app and for SMS according to mill requirements for the main parameters like end breaks, EM time, deviation spindles, doff time, all efficiency%, stoppage limit time, Draft and TPI

Key benefits:

  • Management personnel and technicians can closely observe the performance of the deployed resources and make effective decisions.
  • Maintenance personnel can easily identify the deviations in the machinery and respond immediately, ensuring the optimum performance of the machinery.
  • Operators can effortlessly find the end breaks or stoppages and prioritise their patrolling pattern to increase the productivity.
  • A healthy work culture is created at all levels by enabling the resources to work smarter rather than to work harder.
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