Lindstrom’s cleanroom unit has the capacity to service 4,00,000 uniforms per month

Lindstrom’s cleanroom unit has the capacity to service 4,00,000 uniforms per month

Lindstrom India, the organised workwear service company offers the uniform solution. The company’s workwear service includes everything from helping the clients assess their needs to acquiring the textiles and rental of the clothes, their maintenance, transportation and replacement. The rental system offers companies a flexible, carefree and economic way of looking after their clothing and their care without committing capital and personnel resources. Jayant Roy, Managing Director, Lindstrom India, discusses the company’s range of services, with a particular emphasis on the cleanroom facility services provided by them.

Compared to Western countries, Indians tend to be more hesitant about hiring rental workers and staff. Did you encounter challenges in expanding your operations in light of this?

Expanding operations was relatively easy, but explaining the idea of reusing garments was a task. Companies had trouble choosing a reliable partner, especially since they had traditionally handled garment-making tasks in-house. While they could trust their sourcing teams, external entities like washermen often weren’t as reliable. Because of this, many companies decided to keep these processes internal to maintain control over reliability.

When we entered the market, we found that half of the companies handled laundry operations in-house, while the other half outsourced. However, important tasks stayed within the company, and less important ones were given to external laundry services. Many companies later moved their laundry outsourcing from laundry services to our company because they found that doing it themselves was inefficient. They realized it wasn’t a good use of resources to have space and people dedicated to laundry. Instead, they found it made more sense to use those spaces for things that could make them money, like making components.

Could you give us a brief of the cleanroom facility service offered by Lindström?

Lindström’s Cleanroom Workwear Services can be found in Hyderabad and Pune and it ensures hygienic production facilities by providing garments serviced in cleanroom laundries, which prevent contaminations during the laundering process, thereby ensuring complete safety of the products being manufactured. The cleanroom unit, spread over 50,000 square feet in total, has the capacity to service 4,00,000 uniforms per month. The staff in the unit has received special training from experts in Finland and operates under a classified cleanroom environment to guarantee a sufficient supply of particle-free and contamination-free garments to its customers.

In highly controlled production conditions, people are the most common sources of contamination. The cleanroom unit ensures that the workwear being serviced is free of dust, viable organisms or particles, thereby allowing the customer to run their business smoothly and safely.  We’re delighted to say that our first launch our first cleanroom unit was launched for Serum Institute of India, a leader and innovator in the Indian pharmaceutical industry that focuses heavily on the quality standards for its consumers.

What are the benefits of cleanroom facility service?

Our eco-conscious cleanroom garments are crafted from sustainable materials and produced using environmentally friendly methods. By partnering with us, you actively participate in waste reduction and carbon footprint minimization efforts. With the aid of our RFID chips, we possess the ability to monitor each item’s usage frequency and maintain detailed records.

Through our validated laundering procedures, we effectively eliminate particles, contaminants, and microorganisms, ensuring the integrity and functionality of the garments. From swift collection to punctual delivery, we manage every aspect of the process, guaranteeing a steady provision of clean and well-maintained garments to support your cleanroom operations consistently.