Lenzing signs strategic partnership with NBond to accelerate the innovation

Lenzing signs strategic partnership with NBond to accelerate the innovation

NBond has been a long-term user of Lenzing’s Veocel branded fibres in nonwoven products, and the first to incorporate Veocel branded lyocell shortcut fibres in flushable feminine care products globally.

Lenzing Group, a leading global producer of wood-based specialty fibres, has announced the signing of a strategic partnership between its flagship specialty nonwovens brand, Veocel, and Hangzhou Nbond Nonwovens Co (NBond) to accelerate the innovation and application of wood-based Veocel branded lyocell fibres in flushable nonwovens products, from moist toilet tissues to feminine hygiene products and other personal hygiene product offerings. NBond, one of the earliest manufacturers to launch flushable feminine care products globally, is also the first to use Veocel branded lyocell shortcut fibres in flushable feminine care products.

With collaboration key to ongoing product innovation, the strategic partnership will feature long-term technical and innovation support towards the development of new nonwoven fabrics using Veocel Lyocell fibres at NBond’s production facilities.

“Lenzing has been working closely with NBond for more than a decade. The new strategic partnership with NBond represents a milestone for both companies as we continue pioneering sustainable development of the industry, and help addressing the growing demand for high quality sustainable and flushable nonwovens products in Asia and globally,” said Steven Tsai, Senior Regional Commercial Director for Nonwovens Asia, Lenzing.  “With Veocel’s expertise and NBond’s technical knowledge and consumer brand network, we are well-positioned to advance new innovations and product applications which meet the evolving needs of consumer brands and enable them to stand out from the crowded marketplace of nonwovens products.”

“Sustainability is not just a topic of consensus between the suppliers and manufacturers. With the macro direction to actively reduce carbon emissions across industry value chains, sustainability has become the basic standard for any nonwoven product globally. At NBond, sustainability will remain a core focus of what we do,” said Jinrui Gong, Chief Executive Officer, NBond. “Together with value chain partners and customers, we will continue to develop sustainable and biodegradable nonwovens products that are made of natural botanic materials, like Veocel fibres. Ongoing investments will also be made on innovative technologies that could improve our future product offerings.”

Industry leaders join hands to empower growth in flushable nonwovens applications

A globally recognised nonwovens value chain partner, NBond’s flushable products have been introduced in the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and more. In China and Asia-Pacific in particular, NBond has collaborated with mainstream household brands such as Kimberly-Clark, Vinda, and BabyCare on flushable products.

In addition to joint product innovation, the collaboration between Veocel and NBond will cover the three key pillars of product, service, and sustainability. On product, to differentiate from flushable products made of wood pulp, Veocel Lyocell fibres with Disperse technology will help strengthen NBond’s nonwoven fabrics in wet conditions, ensuring flushability while improving user experience. Moist toilet tissues, sanitary napkins and other personal hygiene products produced by NBond which adhere to G4 guidelines and the National Standards of China for flushability of nonwoven materials can decompose easily after being immersed in water. To date, high-quality, flushable, and degradable nonwoven products made of Veocel fibres have been widely recognized as a solution that covers fiber dispersion and strength.

On service, the technical support and consultancy service provided by Veocel empowers NBond to continuously optimize wetness, strength, thickness, safety, and sustainability in nonwovens fabrics, developing a strong portfolio of flushable products that focuses on comfort and care. In terms of sustainability, Veocel branded fibers, which have been certified by the EU Ecolabel for meeting high environmental standards throughout the entire life cycle of the fibres, can help NBond address heightened global consumer demand for premium nonwovens products that are made of botanic materials which can be biodegradable and compostable at the end of use.

“With NBond, we hope to expand the portfolio of flushable nonwovens products globally, not only around flushable wet wipes and sanitary products in the hygiene and surface cleaning segments, but also multipurpose dry flushable wipes in Asia,” added Steven.

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