LEED offers end-to-end sustainable solutions in water treatment

LEED offers end-to-end sustainable solutions in water treatment

LRT believes that prioritising environmental protection and preservation is as integral to its company’s vision and mission as profitability.

The World Bank estimates that given the pressure currently being exerted on global water resources there will be a 40 per cent shortfall between demand and supply of water by 2030. These figures serve to highlight the increasingly obvious fact that water resource conservation and rejuvenation is of critical importance and urgency.

A working paper published in 2015 on the “Global Increase in Climate Related Disaster” by the Asian Development Bank indicates that the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has caused extreme temperature variations and as a result more “intense climate-related natural disasters”. The paper also explores the implications of these risks on a rapidly expanding and increasingly vulnerable population. Although natural disasters are largely income-blind, socio-economic conditions disproportionately increase the impact of such events in under developed and developing economies due to weak infrastructure and limited government capacity.


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