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Torstai goes for Fairtrade cotton

Sep 24, 2016
Torstai goes for Fairtrade cotton

Torstai, a Finnish clothing brand  has become the world’s first sports clothing brand to take part in the Fairtrade Cotton Programme. The company aims for a strong growth in Europe’s sports clothing markets and is committed to grow its Fairtrade cotton purchases at least with 100 per cent during the next five years. 

The Fairtrade Cotton Program comes up with new methods to connect the Fairtrade cotton farmers with growing number of businesses seeking to make sustainable cotton a core part of their business. Resultantly, more and more companies are going in for the particular cotton brand.

Riikka Karppinen, Head of Marketing and Commercial Relations at Fairtrade Finland At the moment said that the cotton used by Torstai comes from Fairtrade farmers in India, and for them the long trade relationship means that they venture to acquire fertilisers and tools and plan the future.