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Textile group supports TRIPS waiver for Covid vaccine

May 21, 2021
Textile group supports TRIPS waiver for Covid vaccine

Washington, USA

As COVID-19 caused huge losses in the fashion sector, the Clean Clothes Campaign, a global network of labour rights, appealed to UK, EU, Norway, Switzerland, and Australia to support the TRIPS waiver proposal.

Developing countries like South Africa and India asked for TRIPS waiver of intellectual property provisions of COVID-19 vaccines so that people in these countries can get easy access to vaccines and therapeutics. As per reports, after this initiative, countries like the USA and the European Union also supported the proposal.

According to the Clean Clothes Campaign, garment workers’ unions, and labour and human rights groups requested the government of various countries to support the TRIPS waiver and also finalize the proposal at the earliest.  There was an appeal to diversify the production of vaccines, testings, protective kits, and treatments by these countries. Also, according to the campaign due to the lockdowns, there has been a devastating impact on the fashion industry.

Famous brands like Debenhams, Espirit, the Arcadia Group, and Camaïeu are severely affected. The campaign also pointed out that the livelihoods of workers and their health are also affected during the pandemic. The garment and textile industry has overall suffered huge losses. Through this campaign, the government is requested to help global brands by supporting the TRIPS waiver and expand the manufacturing of the vaccines so that the workers are safe and garment supply chains are recovered.

Source: Outlook The News Scroll

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