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Technoweb: A provider of European textime machinery

Dec 04, 2016
Technoweb: A provider of European textime machinery

Technoweb Textile Engineering Pvt Ltd, established in 1993 as a specialised marketing organisation engaged in the promotion of leading European textile machinery and components, has a team of textile engineers with a varied experience of working closely in manufacturing, marketing and consulting for textile industry. Currently, the company is representing some of the leading textile machinery and accessories manufacturers from Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, etc. for marketing their products on an exclusive basis in India.

Over the years, Technoweb has successfully introduced some premium products from its own manufacturing set up with state-of-the-art machinery to cater to the ever increasing demands of high-quality components at an economical cost and are catering to leading mills in India as well as exporting to leading mills worldwide.

The company has indigenously developed for last 20 years and has successfully exported regularly to various countries worldwide like the US, UK, China, Chile, Thailand, South Africa, Mexico, Spain, Peru, etc. the following products:

  • ‘tecno’ Pin strips: The company manufactures high-quality press-in strips in all sizes for different NSC, Cognetex, Sant Andrea, OKK Gill boxes and other makes on request. Press-in pin strips are made on state-of-the-art German machines. Customised high-quality pins from STAEDTLER+UHL, Germany for very smooth action on wool, silk and synthetic fibres.
  • Disposable faller bars: The company manufactures high-quality disposable faller bars for NSC gill boxes in all sizes.
  • Faller mounting machine: The company also manufactures faller mounting machine, which is an press-in equipment that can be used for fitting pin strips in faller bars. This machine runs on pneumatic control. It is equipped with ‘FESTO’ make air cylinder for reliable operations and worldwide serviceability. Adapters for quick change over for chain driven and screw driven fallers.