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Surat textile mill to produce plant-based silk

Aug 18, 2021
Surat textile mill to produce plant-based silk

Surat, Gujarat

GBM Fabrics - a textile mill based in Surat - has partnered with an Austria-based company Lenzing to produce plant-based silk.

Akash Kirit Marfatia, Managing Partner of GBM Fabrics said that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with an Austrian yarn lenzing company that has invented lyocell filament yarn which can replace traditional silk yarn.

He also said that traditional silk yarn is obtained from the cocoon of silkworms and is harmful to the environment as it has a lot of emissions. But this yarn is produced by separating cellulose from wood through closed-loop production that leaves no residue behind. It is a sustainable yarn that causes no harm to the environment and right now GBM is the exclusive trade partner of this yarn lenzing company.

Marfatia stated that the yarn is suitable for the production of different ethnic fibres like georgette, silk, satin, chiffon and crepe and will prove to be very useful for the Indian market, and the weavers and traders can use this yarn in high-value products.

He further informed that this yarn can be weaved on a power loom, rapier loom and air-jet loom and has a higher tenacity than silk. It is stronger than silk and the fabric made from it is the best man-made biodegradable fabric that starts degrading in 15 days when disposed of.

Source: Yahoo News

Image Source: Google Images

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