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Rupa & Company’s EBITDA up 16% in Q1 FY22

Aug 16, 2021
Rupa & Company’s EBITDA up 16% in Q1 FY22


Rupa & Company Ltd, one of the largest knitwear brands in India, has reported revenues at Rs 2.18 billion for Q1 FY22 which is a 4% increase from that of last year. Similarly, EBITDA for Q1 FY22 has increased by 16% when compared with the corresponding data of last year.

According to Dinesh Kumar Lodha, CEO, Rupa, despite the second wave of the pandemic, the first quarter has shown positive growth. Revenues grew by 4%, PAT by 32%, and EBITDA by 16%. This is a result of enhanced operating efficiencies and some cost reduction strategies. He also said that as the world started to get normal, the demand for the products by the brand improved in all the categories. The company has also introduced new products in all categories because of the increased demand. He added that the products are made using the latest fabric innovations, advanced design elements, and cutting-edge production techniques so that the end-users can get ultimate style and comfort.

The company has spent Rs 10 billion in advertising and brand promotion in the last decade. It is also planning to further incur 6% to 8% of revenues on brand building. 

Source – Press Release of “Rupa”

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