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Solutions to control ocean pollution from microfibers

Jul 29, 2021
Solutions to control ocean pollution from microfibers


As per an article published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE, new solutions in the field of manufacturing, home laundry, and textile design have been offered to reduce microfiber pollution.

It is observed that microfibers that are less than 5 mm long are polluting the oceans in the world. According to the study by Ocean Wise, two washing machine lint traps were tested, naming LINT LUV-R and Filtrol in which 90% of polyester microfibers were captured.

The washing machine manufacturers and consumers can now take action to incorporate microfiber capture into product designs. This will stop the leak of microplastics into the environment. The study has also shown that the clothing brands and manufacturers are also taking steps to reduce microfiber shedding. It has been suggested by the Ocean Wise researchers that implementing a wash step for new materials at manufacturing facilities can help t brands and their suppliers.

According to Laura Hardman, Director for Plastics, Ocean Wise, the study shows that the clothing brands and manufactures can use these findings in designing more ocean-friendly products. She also said that steps can be taken to stop the leakage of microfibers from home laundry. As per her, if everybody is together then microfiber pollution can be controlled.

According to Katie Wilson, Senior Manager Social and Environmental Sustainability, Arc’teryx, the team is excited to see the results of this long-term research and put the recommendations into action. These recommendations are used in textiles development, manufacturing, and design process.

The study is said to be the outcome of Ocean Wise’s microfiber partnership with the apparel industry and government agencies who wish to bring solutions to control the spread of microfibers in the global environment. The partner organizations include Metro Vancouver, REI, Patagonia, Arc’teryx, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and MEC. Others who support Ocean Wise’s work to tackle microplastic pollution include Outdoor Industry Association, Aritzia, Cotton Inc., Flotilla Foundation, Paul M Angell Foundation, and SC Johnson.

Source – Ocean Wise

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