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Rieter presents Tech Solutions at ITMA Asia+ CITME 2021

Jun 29, 2021
Rieter presents Tech Solutions at ITMA Asia+ CITME 2021

Winterthur, Switzerland

Rieter presented technologies in the physical and virtual booth that ensure customers’ competitiveness covering automation, fiber yield, energy cost, productivity, flexibility, and intelligence at ITMA Asia + CITME 2021.


Rieter’s technology solutions met with positive response as they ensure competitiveness even in tough market environments. The new comber E 90 tops the list, followed
by the new card C 80, the ring spinning system G 38 with the automation solution ROBOspin, the compacting devices as well as the rotor spinning machines R 70
and R 37 with ROBOdoff.


In addition, two new functionalities in Rieter’s Digital Spinning Suite ESSENTIAL were presented which help customers run their spinning mill more competitively. Customers showed great demand for the new SSM NEO-YW precision winder
which boosts efficiency and sustainability.


Also, the new cylinder wire P-1940S and the flexible flat resist-O-top C-60 from Graf enjoyed great popularity as well as MULTISHARP, the unique wear-resistant alloy for cylinder card clothing. The same applies to the ring/traveller
system redORBIT from Bräcker which is designed for spinning at top speeds.


The launch of Rieter’s first-ever virtual booth drew hundreds of visitors and proved
to be an invaluable tool for customer interaction around the globe as long as travel remains challenging due to the pandemic.


In the last months Rieter observed a boom in the textile machinery market due to a catch-up effect: two years of very low investments coupled with the disruption of the textile value chain during the 2020 pandemic. Besides this, the pandemic accelerated industry trends like automation, flexibility, and intelligence. Rieter recorded good order intake from Chinese customers and offers the technologies of choice that keep spinning mills competitive in challenging business environments.

Source: Rieter Press Release

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