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Regular t-shirt turned into a heart monitor

Sep 06, 2021
Regular t-shirt turned into a heart monitor

Researchers from Rice University have come up with a technology that can convert nanotube fibre into athletic wear which can turn a regular T-shirt into a heart monitor.

This heart monitor is even capable of taking a continual electrocardiogram (ECG) of the wearer. This idea is not a new one, but the technology is in its very early stage so not many people are aware of it. According to a new study, Lauren Taylor, Student, Rice University, had presented a t-shirt that can monitor heart activity with as much accuracy as compared to specialised equipment.

The nanotubes are strong, conductive, and bendable. They contain tens of billions of carbon nanotubes. The researchers use a rope-making device to bundle the filaments together because the original fibres are so thin that they just can’t weave them into clothing. Later, these bundles are put together so that they can achieve a thread-size thickness that is thick enough to be used in clothing. The end product is easy to wash, soft, and the whole process can be easily scaled.

In this research line, two types of shirts were produced. One with two threads that acted like a heart rate monitor and the other one has five threads that acted like an ECG machine. These threads were connected to a Bluetooth transmitter. The data which was collected was later sent to three cardiologists for evaluation.

Source – ZME Science

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