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Flexible solutions for ring spinning

Jul 01, 2021
Flexible solutions for ring spinning

The Rieter ring spinning portfolio includes machines for a variety of customer needs. The “workhorse” G 37 with the semi-electronic drafting system is now available in a new, attractive configuration with up to 1 200 spindles. The G 38 ? an all-rounder with a fully electronic drafting system ? is the ideal solution for producing high-quality yarns flexibly. Intelligent features and automation solutions like the intelligent spindle monitoring and the piecing robot ROBOspin enhance efficiency.

The ring spinning machine G 37 with the semi-electronic drafting system meets all requirements for efficient yarn production. It scores with reliability, consistent performance and high productivity. This machine is in particularly high demand from customers who produce the same yarn types over longer periods of time.

Various features of the machines have been specifically designed to increase productivity and machine efficiency. The fast automatic doffing with a cycle time of less than 120 seconds comes as standard and improves the productivity of the G 37. With the integrated SERVOgrip system, doffing can be performed without underwinding. Thanks to the individual spindle monitoring system, ISM basic, the operator is guided directly to spindles with ends down which enhances the machine efficiency. Durable and economic Bräcker spinning rings and Rieter aprons ensure consistently high yarn quality and a reduction in machine downtimes.

Best value for money: New G 37 configuration
There is a new G 37 configuration with up to 1 200 spindles available that extends the offer range for the machine replacement business in an attractive way. (Fig. 1). Used specifically for this shorter configuration, the Novibra spindle HPS 22 reaches speeds of up to 22 000 rpm. This spindle offers significant potential for increased productivity with up to 20% higher speed compared to the HPS 18. The G 37 configuration with 1 200 spindles offers the best value for money in this category, across all applications.

G 38 – The All-Rounder
With its fully electronic drafting system drive and up to 1 824 spindles, the ring spinning machine G 38 sets new benchmarks in the flexible production of high-quality yarns. It is the perfect solution for spinning mills that have to adapt quickly to constantly changing market conditions and therefore regularly switch yarn types. Parameters such as yarn count, yarn twist and twist direction can be set with ease using the operating unit. Optionally, the machine can be equipped with systems for the production of slub, core and twin yarns. The G 38 is supplied with the spindle HPS 25 as standard, but is also available with the HPS 22, depending on the customer’s requirements. For high efficiency the machine features the integrated individual spindle monitoring system ISM premium.

Save 5% personnel with ISM premium
In comparison to ISM basic, ISM premium controls additional parameters besides the ends down. Firstly, the rotational speed of each individual spindle is constantly monitored. Secondly, in the case of faulty cops, the winding machine sends a signal to the affected spinning position. The spinning position with the faulty cops can then be maintained. In addition, ISM premium can send a signal to the roving stop device to stop the roving feed.

The operating personnel are guided even more accurately to the faulty spindles. As a result, the system can save approx. 5% of personnel cost in comparison to a machine without individual spindle monitoring as unnecessary inspection rounds are eliminated. The process becomes most efficient when the ISM transmits information about the ends down position directly to the piecing robot ROBOspin.

ROBOspin ensures consistent quality, 24/7
ROBOspin is the piecing robot for Rieter ring and compact-spinning machines. One robot per machine side repairs ends down that occur while the machine is running or during doffing. It moves directly to the spinning position with ends down communicated to the robot by the ISM and rectifies this in the shortest time possible – 24 hours a day (Fig. 2). As a result, the complete piecing cycle is automated. For cotton, the piecing efficiency in the first attempt reaches over 80%. In the second attempt, auxiliary yarn is used. This results in an efficiency of around 90%. ROBOspin demonstrates consistently high performance in various spinning mills around the world.

Three compacting devices for different requirements
The G 37 and the G 38 can be upgraded with the compacting devices COMPACTapron, COMPACTdrum or COMPACTeasy at any time. In contrast to other machines commonly available on the market, converting these machines to compact yarn does not require additional suction systems to be installed.

The compacting devices COMPACTdrum and COMPACTeasy were launched at ITMA Barcelona in 2019; COMPACTapron was presented as a concept study at that time. Now it is also newly available. All three devices can be easily installed and removed from a ring spinning machine and have different advantages depending on customer needs. COMPACTdrum is the right solution for products where lowest hairiness is important. COMPACTeasy is a mechanical solution at low investment costs.

COMPACTapron: Highest yarn tenacity with innovative 3D technology
The compacting device COMPACTapron revolutionizes pneumatic compact spinning. Thanks to its innovative 3D technology, this system offers up to 1 cN/tex higher yarn tenacity than conventional compacting systems and thus sets new standards. COMPACTapron works completely different from all other compacting solutions. The fibers are transported over the suction slot having a clear distance to the mesh apron. The condensing air stream flow has an impact on all fibers of the fiber stream. All protruding hairs are completely exposed to the air stream and are therefore compacted reliably. It is therefore called three-dimensional (3D) compacting.

In this broad ring spinning portfolio of different configurations, automation features and flexible devices, each spinning mill can choose the solutions that suit them best. The ring spinning machine G 37 stands for high productivity and is also newly available in an attractive configuration with up to 1 200 spindles. The G 38 is the premium machine for the flexible production of high-quality yarns and sets new standards in terms of automation. Thanks to the compacting devices, it is possible to quickly change between ring and compact yarn on the same machine. This enables spinning mills to further broaden their product range and position themselves better in the market.

Rieter is the world’s leading supplier of systems for short-staple fiber spinning. Based in Winterthur (Switzerland), the company develops and manufactures machinery, systems and components used to convert natural and man-made fibers and their blends into yarns. Rieter is the only supplier worldwide to cover both spinning preparation processes and all four end-spinning processes currently established on the market.

Furthermore, Rieter is a leader in the field of precision winding machines. With 15 manufacturing locations in 10 countries, the company employs a global workforce of some 4 420, about 21% of whom are based in Switzerland.