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Only 20% target met for cotton sowing in Punjab

May 14, 2021
Only 20% target met for cotton sowing in Punjab

Bathinda, Punjab
Cotton sowing in Punjab has been delayed because only 20% of the crop has been sown till May 10. Also, only 63,220 hectares of land has been used for sowing in Punjab, according to Punjab Agriculture Department.

It has been observed that the ideal time to sow the crop is till mid May. The crop sown post this period attracts pest attack. Cotton is also seen as a feasible alternative to the water gulping paddy. The State Agriculture Department targets to use 0.325 million hectares for sowing cotton in the year 2021-2022, but the data collected on the week ending May 7 showed that it was 13% less than the target. Department officials hope that the sowing will soon pick up pace. 

According to famers Mohinder Singh and Baldev Singh, they are facing issues regarding the release of canal water and underground water in the areas of Bathinda, Mansa, and Muktsar. Along with water issues, they are also dealing with problems related to power supply and late harvest of wheat. The power supply in these areas is only for two hours. If sources are to be believed, eight hours of power supply is given for paddy transplantation.
According to the sources, cotton growers are expected to be benefitted in the ongoing season.   

Source: The Times of India

Image Source: wikipedia

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