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Oerlikon Neumag starts service of die body maintenance

Jul 26, 2021
Oerlikon Neumag starts service of die body maintenance

The customer service department of Oerlikon Neumag is offering regular inspection and cleaning of the spinning body to ensure proper meltblown-machine performance and nonwovens’ quality.

It is said that Die body maintenance can be carried out at the assembly facilities in Neumünster or the customer site. As explained by Michael Schwarz, Technical Sales Manager, Modification Nonwoven, the team is always active during the service visits. The team comes across die bodies that are heavily contaminated repeatedly or the bodies that have been scratched because of customers’ cleaning attempts. This is why the company offers qualified manufacturer service. The company is blessed with the know-how, experience, and technical capacities to carry out the work both swiftly and professionally. 

According to Tilmann Seidel, Head of Customer Services, Oerlikon Neumag, the team ensures that the downtimes of the system are kept at an absolute minimum and the company is always at its toes to optimize the processes and offerings. The company suggests that the customers should take an extra die body which they are able to swiftly exchange themselves. This way the old or removed die body can be sent to Neumünster for cleaning. This will further ensure that the cleaning can be done without any time constraints. This investment is supposed to pay dividends for coming years for the customers who demand high-quality and for whom on-site cleaning is either time consuming or too expensive because of the distance involved 

Source – Press release of "Oerlikon" 

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