Darshana Jardosh wants to launch workers’ wages program

Darshana Jardosh wants to launch workers’ wages program

According to Darshana Jardosh, Minister of State for Textiles, the ministry of Textiles has come up with programmes to improve the wages of workers in textile industry.

New Delhi

As per the report, the government has come up with SAMARTH (Scheme
for Capacity Building In Textile Sector) and Scheme for Capacity Building
in Textile Sector (SCBTS) so that it can resolve the issue of shortage of
skilled workers in the Textile sector. The scheme launched by the government is
initiated to provide demand-driven, placement oriented skilling programme. The
scheme also aims to create jobs in the organized sectors. It also promotes
skilling and skill up-gradation in the traditional sectors and helps to offer
livelihood to all sections of the society. The target of the scheme is to train
10 Lakh people in the country.

Source – Orissa Diary.com

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