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New gold standard for COVID-19 protection is silver

Mar 08, 2021
New gold standard for COVID-19 protection is silver

Piana Group, the 439-year-old textile company known for breakthrough chemical treatment innovations for fibre and nonwoven textiles in automotive, appliance and bedding markets, has turned their resources towards COVID-19 protection.

The innovative new Piana Protection™ technology enables any textile or porous surface to be protected with an antiviral and antibacterial treatment with fibres that are treated throughout and highly durable.  The Piana Group's solution relies upon advanced silver chemistry and patented Piana fibre treatment processes that ensure efficacy within minutes of contact.  Independent laboratory tests have shown a 99.8 per cent reduction in viral activity in the first 30 minutes and 99.995 per cent viral reduction after one hour.

Piana Protection™ fibre technology is currently specified for use in face masks which are pending final approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and will be available in the market in Spring 2021.  This exciting new technology is highly versatile and will soon be integrated into a host of other consumer products including pillows, mattress toppers, filtration and seating applications.  The proprietary antiviral and antimicrobial solution is pending approval by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Cushioning articles treated with Piana Protection™ will feature patent pending V-Smart™ nonwoven fibre construction.  V-Smart™ materials are lightweight, highly resilient, moldable and have extremely high airflow to help maintain a cool, dry environment.  The addition of Piana Protection™ antiviral and antimicrobial treatments will further elevate the numerous distinctive attributes of this adaptable foam replacement material.

Piana Group products are manufactured using patented, ecologically sound manufacturing processes and are 100 per cent recyclable, minimising and reusing waste through our highly transparent, eco-friendly operations in Cartersville, GA and San Luis, AZ.