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Multiyear Sales Deal between Patagonia and Infinited Fiber

Jun 30, 2021
Multiyear Sales Deal between Patagonia and Infinited Fiber


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The outdoor apparel company Patagonia and circular fashion and textile technology group Infinited Fiber Company have signed a multi-year sales agreement. The deal has been sealed for Infinited Fiber Company’s unique and premium-quality regenerated textile fiber Infinna. This is unique because this fiber is created out of textile waste. This move is a major milestone in the span of both companies because this will make textile circularity a reality. The deal is going to benefit both parties as Patagonia will get access to the limited-supply fiber while on the other hand, Infinited Fiber Company will secure a good source of future income.

According to Ciara Cates, Lead Material Developer, Patagonia, the company will be able to build a circularity partnership with Infinited Fiber Company, which will not only help to recycle the past products but also build a circularity plan for future products. 

According to Kirsi Terho, Director, Infinited Fiber Company, Patagonia is a pioneer in sustainable clothing and practices. They follow a rigid standard for sustainability. The company feels humbled to get approval for Infinna as an alternative to virgin cotton. The company is also proud to form a long-term commitment for using Infinna in the future collection. The company is also excited to be making circular textile production a reality.

Infinna is a virgin-quality fiber that is soft and has a natural look just like cotton. It is created from cotton-rich textile waste only and is broken down at the molecular level to be born as a piece of new fabric.  It is biodegradable and contains no micro-plastics. The clothes that are made up with it can also be recycled.  

As per Patagonia’s Cates, the best thing about Infinna is that nobody can guess that it is made from recycled garments. It was also said that consumers can enjoy the same comfort, softness, and longevity as a similar product made from virgin materials.

Source – Infinited Fiber

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