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Moda Biella launches luxurious winter collection in Indian market

Nov 28, 2019
Moda Biella launches luxurious winter collection in Indian market

With the foray of the Italian heritage brand MODA BIELLA into the Indian market last month, the brand is set to create a new benchmark in menswear fabrics; with its luxurious and innovative collection.

The brand has been deep-rooted to its heritage of weaving world-class fabrics, and is committed to forecast contemporary market trends. The exclusive range of fabrics is certainly for the discerning customer and excels in technical innovation. MODA BIELLA presents a brilliant array of unique fabrics in exotic blends of cashmere, merino, silk and linen which will leave the wearer spell-bound. These fabrics offer style, drape, luster and supreme comfort to the wearer.

The ‘creation of luxury’ is something that MODA BIELLA takes pride in - the outstanding and magnificent ‘noble fibres’ that feature within the MODA BIELLA collections are trans -seasonal.

The key to natural fibres success is that they have been created by the nature. They are nature-friendly and eco-sustainable. The breeds of animal or plant from which the fibres originate play an important role. Temperature within their given location also has an effect of the fineness of the fleece that produces the soft, luxurious yarns.  It could be in the heat of Australia with the Merino sheep, or the cold high plains of Mongolia with the fine Cashmere; each location encourages a fleece to be grown that is fine and protective of the animal. When converted in to yarn, a cloth and a garment, these fine fibres become protective, comfortable and stylish to the wearer too. The volume of fibre available is also a contributory factor in the value of the cloth. The less fibre that there is available to spin, warp, weave and produce, then the higher the value of the finished cloth and suit.