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Mathis’ solutions for dyeing

Dec 27, 2016
Mathis’ solutions for dyeing

Mathis AG presented updated versions of its popular SmartLiquor dyebath monitor and the SmartScan digital system for colour fastness assessments at ITME, which was held at Mumbai recently. SmartLiquor comes in a version for exhaustion dyers, SL-AZ, and in a version for continuous dyers, SL-AT.

The main objectives of the SL-AZ (exhaust dyeing) are:
  1. Improve dyehouse productivity
  2. Troubleshoot difficult shades and improve lab-to-bulk reproducibility
  3. Analyse and improve the compatibility of dyes in a recipe
  4. Reduce water and energy consumption during washing (cotton and viscose)
  5. Reduce the amount of levelling agent
The main objectives of the SL-AT (continuous dyeing) are:
  • Replace DLC (Dye liquor confirmations) at the start of a production run for a faster and objective evaluation of dye stock tank concentrations (pass/fail analysis)
  • Analyse and eliminate tailing problem in CPB, E-Control and Pad Steam
  • Quality control of new dyestuff deliveries

SmartLiquor is being used by dye houses, dye and chemical manufacturers as well as research laboratories in over 15 countries, including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, China, Vietnam and Thailand. SmartScan, a scanner-based digital colour measurement system, can be used to grade any colour fastness test that is evaluated according to the ISO/AATCC/SDC grey scales for colour change and staining (scale 1-5), including fastness to washing, water, perspiration, rubbing etc. It was designed to replace visual assessments in a light booth, thereby eliminating operator-to-operator differences.