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Lycra launches campaign for circularity in textiles

Jun 11, 2021
Lycra launches campaign for circularity in textiles

Wilmington, Delaware

The LYCRA Company has recently announced a campaign to advance discussions around circularity in textiles. The advertisement campaign is printed as “Keep in the loop with LYCRA”.

The LYCRA Company produces fibre and technology for the personal care and apparel industries. Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, it is known for its innovative products, sustainable solutions, unmatched marketing support, and technical expertise. The company adds value to its customers’ products by designing unique innovations that can meet customer’s comfort and give lasting performance also.

With this campaign, the company invites their customer to join LYRCA in using sustainable materials that can be recycled so that textile waste can be reduced. According to Jean Hegedus, Director of sustainable business development, The LYRCA Company, through this campaign, the company wants to explore different topics related to circularity. It wants to move from sustainable raw materials and extending garment wear life to end-of-life solutions. She also added that the new COOLMAX and THERMOLITE fibres are created from 100% textile waste. But this is just the first step; there are more important issues that are to be addressed.

The tagline of the campaign “Keep in the loop with LYCRA”, also invites the industry to notice the circularity advancement from the company. With the tagline, the company is also expecting awareness and collaboration.

As per Julien Born, CEO, The LYCRA Company, the company not only wants to improve its sustainability goals but also wants to set this goal for the industry as a whole. This is why circularity is the main focus area of the company’s planet agenda sustainability platform. She also added that this can become a success only if other members of the industry collaborate so that maximum impact can be made.  For more details, the viewers can check the sustainability section of the company’s website to know more about the company’s circularity approach.

Source – The Lycra Company

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