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LYCRA, ITOCHU launch fibres made from recycled waste

Apr 24, 2021
LYCRA, ITOCHU launch fibres made from recycled waste

Wilmington, USA

The LYCRA Company, a global leader in fibre and textile solutions for the apparel industry, has announced the launch of its first performance offerings fashioned from 100% textile waste—the COOLMAX and THERMOLITE EcoMade fibres.

The US-based company has collaborated with ITOCHU Corporation, a general trading company with investments in consumer-related sectors including the textile business, for the production of its signature EcoMade fibres. COOLMAX and THERMOLITE are made of textile waste transformed into fibres through a unique depolymerisation and refining procedure. The textile waste comprises scraps from garment manufacturers. The quality of the converted fibre is similar to the properties of virgin polyester.

COOLMAX and THERMOLITE fibres have been in the market for a long time. They are created from recycled raw materials such as recycled PET plastic bottles. LYCRA will now offer both the recycled raw material version and the textile waste version of these fibres.

Incorporating the textile waste technology shows consumers that fibres can be manufactured responsibly without compromising on their performance attributes.

The announcement is in line with the Lycra Company’s Planet Agenda Sustainability platform and is one of many innovations in the pipeline.

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