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Lindauer Dornier presents filter fabrics at ITMA Asia

Jun 16, 2021
Lindauer Dornier presents filter fabrics at ITMA Asia


Lindauer DORNIER, a machine and plant manufacturer from Lindau, presented its high-quality filter fabrics and future-oriented fibre composite components at ITMA Asia 2021 in Shanghai. According to Wolfgang Schöffl, Head, Weaving Machine Product Line, the company has been successful in launching the most flexible weaving machine in the world. He also informed that the P2 rapier weaving machine is the successor of the P1 machine that has met the international industry standard when the production of high-performance fabrics is considered. P2 was first time introduced at the ITMA Barcelona and now as the corona-virus situation has slower done, the success of this machine can be expected, he added.

It is observed that the demand for the P2 machine has been rising amongst the technical weavers despite the pandemic. DORNIER is a big name among filter manufacturers. Jingjin Environmental Protection Inc, one of the largest filter manufacturers in China relies on these machines to produce water filters. The company has also started weaving on the P2 machine, recently. P2’s productivity is better than P1 due to improved shed geometry, a maintenance-free drive, and frame rigidity.

Schöffl said that the P2 machine is available in 3 versions with a maximum reed impact of 2.3 t, 3.7 t, and 5.0 t. According to him, the company covers the entire spectrum of fabric production ranging from very fine to very coarse fabrics. The demand for high-quality filter fabrics is growing all over the world to filter air, water, blood, or gas. This is because of the existence of stricter environmental and sustainability requirements that demand comprehensive performance parameters. He added that the company is in close cooperation with its customers and is continuously improving the quality of filter fabrics and their tightness.

The Composite Systems Division is another element that is displayed at the ITMA Asia. The main focus is on PROTOS and TRITOS. These newly developed production lines are used to produce complex fibre structures and components for lightweight construction. PROTOS is used to produce high-performance materials for continuous fibre reinforcements. They help in improving the vehicles’ economic efficiency and sustainability as they ensure low weight in vehicles, robots, and wind turbines. TRITOS on the other hand is used to create 3D fabrics for aircraft parts. DORNIER has been able to benefit the customers with its experience in the field of developing machines for the aerospace industry.

As per Josef Klingele, Head, The Composite Systems product line, the performance of fibre composite components and the demands on material quality is very high in this field. He also said that the company plans to optimize the manufacturing processes of lightweight construction with the help of PROTOS and TRITOS. With the development of both these systems, the company has shown its technological leadership. Along with the existing customer base, the company has been able to add new customers from the "non-fibre" industries” that include the wood and metal industry. Also, sectors like mechanical engineering, mobility, and energy are under great pressure to meet the demands of resource efficiency and for environmental protection.

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