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Lenzing launches lyocell fibres with Dry technology

Jul 05, 2021
Lenzing launches lyocell fibres with Dry technology

Lenzing, Austria

The VEOCEL brand from Lenzing announced the launch of lyocell fibres, with patented Dry technology, which is naturally smooth and gentle on skin, ensuring comfort for sensitive skin. The new VEOCEL branded lyocell fibres can provide a high level of comfort, softness and dryness when applied within top sheets in personal care products.

While most hydrophobic fibres are fossil-based, Dry technology by Lenzing allows cellulosic VEOCEL branded lyocell fibres to achieve similar liquid-controlling properties built on biodegradable, botanic-derived material. The fibres are beneficial for applications that have direct contact with skin, such as in femcare and period care products, adult incontinence products and baby diapers.

Jürgen Eizinger, Vice President of Global Nonwovens Business, Lenzing, said, “We have observed a growing trend of consumers who are mindful of product ingredients, so we created a product that can offer both sustainability and performance. Our new VEOCEL Lyocell fibres with Dry technology are certified biodegradable and compostable – therefore, offering an eco-friendly and quality alternative to fossil-based materials. The VEOCEL brand is continually expanding its capacities and innovations for wood-based speciality fibres as a means to reduce the industry’s reliance on fossil-based materials in personal care products.”

The sustainability drive comes from the rising number of eco-conscious consumers, who are acutely aware of the environmental impact of disposable products and are searching for products that are better for the environment. Consumers are increasingly favouring products that are eco-friendly in baby and femcare products. To meet this growing demand and lessen the impact on the environment, VEOCEL branded fibres are certified biodegradable and compostable under various conditions.

Source –Lenzing Press Release

Image Source: Lenzing Website 

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