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AUTEFA conducts spunlace trials with Lenzing VEOCEL

Mar 12, 2021
AUTEFA conducts spunlace trials with Lenzing VEOCEL

AUTEFA Solutions spunlace line with the Hydroentanglement Machine V- Jet FUTURA is available for  further customer trials using the full portfolio of the company's nonwovens machinery “from bale to  fabric” including opening and blending, web forming, hydroentanglement, drying as well as cutting and  winding. Recently, a team from Lenzing that is known for their VEOCEL™ branded cellulosic nonwoven fibres, was invited for trials at AUTEFA Solutions Nonwoven Competence Center in Linz, Austria. 


Christoph Machill, Head of Business Unit Spunlace, said,” Our new line, targeted with full power and know-how, over the last years is now ready for the market. We are focused to offer solutions also with regard to the processing of biodegradable products.”


The spunlace sector is still challenging for product manufacturers. AUTEFA Solutions offers complete lines for the production of direct and crosslapped spunlace products. The web forming process, consisting of the Injection Card and Crosslapper Topliner CL 4006 CL, is the key for high and consistent nonwoven fabric quality. AUTEFA Solutions advanced Spunlace technology with Hydroentanglement Machine V- Jet Futura and Square Drum Dryer SQV offers a quick return on investments.


The V- Jet FUTURA technology takes place featuring 30 per cent less electrical energy consumption due to the unique V-Jet-construction with significantly reduced distance between the nozzle and the fabric to be bonded. The Square Drum Dryer SQ-V combines the advantage in drying efficiency of a horizontal belt dryer with the space advantage of a drum dryer, resulting in increased drying length with small footprint. 30 per cent savings of thermal energy can be achieved compared to known drying technology used in the spunlace  process.


AUTEFA Solutions spunlace line in Linz, Austria is providing excellent opportunities for trials supporting customers in developing new advanced products. Fibre opening and blending, Injection card,  Hydroentanglement Machine V- Jet Futura and Square Drum Dryer SQV are available. Further products like spunbond, wetlaid or crosslapped drylaid can be unwind between the Injection Card and the  subsequent V-Jet FUTURA. The installed equipment enables realistic impressions of the quality, workmanship, capability, and performance of AUTEFA Solutions machinery.