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Kornit launches 3D MAX Technology for digital printing

Apr 28, 2021
Kornit launches 3D MAX Technology for digital printing

Rosh HaAyin, Israel

Kornit Digital, a worldwide market leader in digital textile printing technology, today announced the release of its new MAX technology. The revolutionary technology designed for on-demand production will help deliver the highest retail-quality results and print versatility.

The mission of this MAX technology is “One technology, highest quality, endless design possibilities – all waste-free”. The technology delivers extraordinary print results on various fabric types, exceeding industry norms and setting a new standard for the fashion and apparel industry.

An important trait of the Max technology is XDi which delivers 3D capabilities to the technology. Seamless graphic decoration replicating embroidery and vinyl heat transfer can be done in a single, waste-free process. The yet-to-be patented technology lets fulfillers and brands grow their offerings and include new and innovative decorations that feature simulated embroidery and heat transfer applications. The technology reduces the inadequacies and cost of operating analogue technologies.

This first Max technology iteration is available for Kornit Atlas MAX, a carbon-neutral, industrial-scale DTG production system, that will be delivered with built-in XDi technology. The first quarter of 2022 will see the upgrade to the installed base of Kornit Atlas systems be available.

The company also introduced the ActiveLoad Automation technology, a new robotic system to considerably reduce the load of manual and labour-intensive media handling in the textile decoration industry. This technology ensures minimal downtime and increased output per shift. The patent-pending ActiveLoad Automation technology will decrease human error and fatigue, irrespective of the employees’ experience and training.

This announcement will take Kornit Digital a step closer to fulfilling its promise of digital transformation.

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