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Kornit wins 2020 EDP award for its NeoPigment™

Feb 05, 2021
Kornit wins 2020 EDP award for its NeoPigment™

Kornit Digital, a worldwide market leader in digital textile printing technology, is proud to be named among 29 winners of the 2020 EDP Awards, presented by the European Digital Press Association (EDP). The company’s NeoPigment™ Robusto Softener solution, which ensures superior hand feel for substrates imprinted using the Kornit Presto system for roll-to-roll, direct-to-fabric digital production, was selected “Best Coating and Varnish” in the Consumables category.


“Products have been judged not only on innovation, but also on better price, ease of use or even a clever solution that were added to a current product,” said judge Mike Horsten. “Also this year, market trends and customer needs were taken into account. We believe that this year’s winners with the solutions they offer are truly outstanding in their field.”


The EDP Awards are Europe’s only technology assessment in the industry and an open competition for all products announced and launched in the market within a year. The winners are selected by a commission of experts (the EDP Technical Committee), which evaluate the submitted products according to criteria such as innovation, quality, performance, and cost. Due to these strict criteria, there are no voting or other public votes. It is about technical criteria, not popularity. This is the only way EDP can guarantee manufacturers’ achievements in developing new technologies will be recognized.


The award is a recognition of Kornit’s innovation as it continues its journey to become a complete, sustainable textile printing solutions provider. Kornit’s Softener solution is applied seamlessly during the printing process. No additional time, labour, or equipment is needed, and most importantly, it is a sustainable solution carrying Eco Passport certification and GOTS verification.


“Kornit Presto with Softener is changing the game for on-demand production, making pigment-based digital print a serious contender for even the most demanding fashion houses,” said Chris Govier, KDEU Managing Director. “Kornit is proud to be recognised for its innovations, and we strive to continue exceeding the market’s demands for efficient, eco-friendly, profitable solutions regardless of the new trends and challenges facing the textile industry.