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KM to launch flexible tricot machine

Jan 28, 2017
KM to launch flexible tricot machine

Karl Mayer, a leading warp knitting machinery manufacturer has come up with a HKS 4-M El, tricot machine, a flexible machine that makes it ideal for a variety of applications. The HKS 4-M EL is particularly adept at producing stylish, warp-knitted fabrics for the fashion sector. The light and airy fabric was produced on an HKS 4-M EL in a gauge of E 28.

The delicate tricot fabric has a striking lace look featuring a variety of patterns, i.e. filet patterns with holes of different sizes, and dense areas with superimposed patterns merge together in alternating stripes to create a filigree design. Matt/shiny effects create a touch of extravagance on the geometric, lace-look fabric.

The production of this delicate tricot fabric is the result of well-thought-out machine and textile technology, including the lappings, that can be worked very flexibly thanks to the machine’s EL control facility, the clever yarn threading-in arrangement, and the sophisticated combination of yarns.