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Investment made by Avgol in new capabilities in Russia

Jun 30, 2021
Investment made by Avgol in new capabilities in Russia

Avgol is a global leader in the manufacturing of non-woven fabric solutions. According to Tommi Bjornman, CEO, Avgol with the addition of this new line, the company will be capable of increasing its production capacity to meet the growing needs of the regional markets. He also said that this new investment will help the company to improve its degree of service across the product line like baby diapers, adult incontinence, and feminine hygiene products. It will also strengthen the company’s position in the market.

Avgol is a leader in the global hygiene market as it offers the most comprehensive range of ultra-lightweight spun-melt nonwoven fabrics. With the new line set up in Uzlovaya, the company will be investing in new Reicofil 5 (RF5) technology. The line at this location will also include biocomponent and corresponding high-loft capabilities which will help in the production of materials that will meet the needs of upper-tier products for Hygiene customers. The addition of cutting-edge lamination capabilities will also be a part of this investment.

As per Bjornman, The RF5 line and lamination capabilities will offer the company a platform that will allow it to provide high-value products to the customers. This will also allow the company to diversify its portfolio and remain faithful to its customers.

Bjornman also commented that the investment will further support sustainable product development because of the Forward Innovative Thinking strategy. The company is focused to bring polyolefins forward as viable resins in single-use articles. It was also said that the company is excted to bring new capabilities, assets, and technologies that will challenge customer expectations of the nonwoven fabric industry

With this investment, the Russian production facility will be moved to the second largest site for Avgol.

Source – Press release of "Angol"

Image Source: Press release of "Avgol"

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