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India may face cotton shortage due to covid

May 29, 2021
India may face cotton shortage due to covid


India’s entire domestic supply chain of cotton is getting affected due to Covid-19. According to King Mukherjee, President and Founder, Global Impex USA, this is referred to as ‘Tsunami Covid’. King Mukherjee also said that people were not wearing masks or following social distancing which caused a sudden rise in the cases. He also said that Asia’s outbreaks are affecting global supply chains which could further lead to inflation in the USA.

The virus has impacted the entire domestic supply chain in India and the prices of cotton are at their highest, said Sarvesh Jain, Representative, Mamta Global Trading. Cotton will soon become a part of those commodities which would become harder to obtain in the future like gas, microchips, steel, and others.

According to Mike Sanders, National Marketing Manager, Akron, Ohio-based business Schott Textiles, if the countries see another lockdown, a shortage of supply will take place. He added that the number of workers in the fields will go down and there will be fewer people to run the looms.

Mukherjee said that the supply from India is expected to go down drastically in the near future, which will further cause a rise in the prices. He feels that there will be a big shortage in another 3 to 6 months and was worried about the cyclone that has hit Gujarat. The supply chain, factory production, and cotton supplies are greatly affected by cyclone Tauktae.

Source – Knitting Industry

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