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India makes strides in textile export

Jun 03, 2014
India makes strides in textile export

India stands second to China in textile exports, and the former is far ahead of western countries including Germany & Italy, reveals data released by the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC). However, Chinas export is seven times higher than that of Indias.

Indias textiles exports were estimated at $40 billion in 2013, compared with Chinas $274 billion. Textiles includes everything from fibre and yarn to fabric, made-ups and readymade garments made of cotton, silk, wool and synthetic yarn.

Over 55 per cent of the global trade relates to readymade garments, where India ranked sixth in 2013. India recently overtook Turkey by reaching exports of $16 billion, which is around 40 per cent of the countrys textiles exports. For China the share of garments is estimated at close to 60 per cent. Here in garment sector is where China holds the biggest advantage, indicating that the Indian government readymade industry has a long way to go.