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IIT Delhi to set up CoE for developing smart textiles

Oct 19, 2021
IIT Delhi to set up CoE for developing smart textiles


The IIT Delhi has converted its Smart Materials and Innovative Textile Applications (SMITA) research lab to a Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Smart Textiles.

The centre will work in the area of smart and functional textiles using emerging materials and process technologies. The CoE would be functional in the development of highly functional and high-performance textile materials using nanomaterials, nano-fibres, and nano-engineered materials, development of wearable textiles, also known as electronic-textiles as well as of functional textiles for healthcare applications.

Ashwini Agrawal, Professor in the Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering, IIT Delhi, and the CoE’s Coordinator, said that, smart textiles and wearable electronics are being researched world over and it is predicted that this will bring unprecedented changes in elderly care, health care, communications, and sports, etc. she added that, the CoE will work towards development, design, and integration of smart functionalities into textile substrates.

On the other hand, Technical Textiles, which are technology-driven, are widely used in multiple sectors ranging from healthcare to aerospace. According to, V Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT Delhi, the institution has converted its “Smart Materials and Innovative Textile Applications (SMITA) Research Lab” to a Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Smart Textiles to further enhance the impact that IIT Delhi can make in the technical textile domain and to expedite the developments in this crucial area. He also said that, the creation of the CoE has brought together researchers from different disciplines to develop futuristic smart textiles.

Source: News 18

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