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IIT Delhi starts teaching, research of smart textile

Jul 23, 2021
IIT Delhi starts teaching, research of smart textile

New Delhi

IIT Delhi alumnus Manish Singhal has endowed the ‘Manish Singhal Chair’ to promote excellence and leadership in teaching and research in the Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering with an emphasis on Smart Textiles.

Manish Singhal (B. Tech. in Chemical Engineering, 1994 batch) is the Managing Director of KG Petrochem Ltd., a Jaipur based company having interests in textiles, garments, artificial leathers, and polymer. KG Petrochem is a leading manufacturer of cotton terry towels, made-ups such as bathrobe, pillow, cushion cover and quilts, which it markets both domestically and internationally. KG Petrochem’s technical textiles division manufacture PU based high-quality artificial leather for the automotive, footwear and clothing industries.

Prof R.S. Rengasamy, Head of the Department, Textile and Fibre Engineering, IIT Delhi while speaking of the Chair said that the establishment of ‘Manish Singhal Chair’ will facilitate wider and deeper interactions between the industry, faculty and students and promote ‘Smart Textiles’ in the country.

Smart Textiles refer to specialized textile materials that have built-in functionality to serve a special purpose over and above the usual functions of apparel. It is an emerging area that is taking applications of textiles to new territories of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), medicine, defence, space, and manufacturing. It aims at adding electronic functionality in textiles.

IIT Delhi continues to draw a significant and growing interest by its alumni on contributing towards research advancement at the Institute, in technological and social fields like Artificial Intelligence, Public Policy, Decision Sciences, Data Analytics etc.


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