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Hakro to buy CmiA-certified cotton

May 24, 2017
Hakro to buy CmiA-certified cotton

Germany-based Hakro GmbH has signed a partnership agreement with the Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) to buy its certified cotton. Having recently launched a collection in organic cotton, the medium-sized enterprise has pledged commitment to CmiA with an intention to significantly increase its proportion of sustainably produced natural fibres in the next few years.

“CmiA has won our support,” said Carmen Kroll, Managing Partner, Hakro. “The standard takes account of both social and ecological aspects. And by signing up, we can play a part in stabilising the cotton sector in Africa and improving the living and working conditions in the growing countries.”

Tina Stridde, Managing Director of the Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF), the umbrella organisation of CmiA, appreciates new partnership, saying, “Hakro shows that companies in the corporate fashion, work, leisure and sports branch of textiles can also increase their sustainability credentials with Cotton made in Africa and show their customers that they are committed to the cause. More and more companies with a focus on sustainability are demanding higher social and ecological standards of their workwear so we are pleased to have a prominent partner like Hakro on board who will join us in our support for the smallholders in Africa and for a forward-looking approach to corporate fashion.”