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Flame-retardant Recron® FS launched

Dec 15, 2017
Flame-retardant Recron® FS launched

Textiles are used to make homes, offices, and entertainment, commercial and health establishments both appealing and comfortable. Things like seat covers, carpets and curtains are used in most establishments. Time and again studies into fire-related catastrophes have revealed that fabrics / textiles are to be blamed for the quick spread of the fire.

As a remedy to this, Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) has developed Recron® FS, a fire-retardant polyester, which not only brings the highest standard of safety in the fabric by making it fire-retardant, but also enhances the aesthetical aspects. Recron® FS is RIL’s unique offering to the textile world – the most beautiful and the safest textile.

In about a 340 million square metre global fire retardant home textile market, fire-retardant polyester accounts for 33 per cent, or exactly one-third.

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