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EURATEX welcomes the revised EU industry strategy

May 07, 2021
EURATEX welcomes the revised EU industry strategy

Brussels, Belgium

EURATEX, a representative body of the European textile and clothing industry, has welcomed the European Union’s (EU) revamped industry strategy that addresses relevant issues and underlines the need to carefully consider Europe’s industrial base.

EURATEX appreciated the 14 eco-systems and the proposal to develop privileged partnerships and address distortions caused by foreign subsidies in a Single Market. The confederation further appealed for more consistency by the EU across its different policy areas and highlighted the need to establish and implement global rules to ensure fair competition.

Dirk Vantyghem, Director General, EURATEX commented, “We welcome the recognition that we need a strong industrial base in Europe, but at the same time are struggling to maintain that base as our companies face significant challenges related to over-regulation and raising energy and supply costs. It feels like one hand offering you help, while the other hand squeezes you tight.”

He added, “Today, as part of this new EU Industry Strategy, we have an opportunity to build a new business model, based on innovation, quality, sustainability and fairness. We look forward to developing that new EU Textile strategy with all stakeholders involved.”

This revision comes at a time when Europe's industry is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic which caused the textiles and clothing sector's turnover to drop between 10% and 20%.

Source: EURATEX press release

Image Source: Pixabay 

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