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DESCATUK launches wool NNF & LIVA NNF yarns & fabrics

Jan 07, 2021
DESCATUK launches wool NNF & LIVA NNF yarns & fabrics

Dev Ethical Sustainable Crafts & Textiles (DESCAT), a B2B social impact start-up recently launched wool natural hollow fibre (NNF) amd LIVA NNF yarn and fabrics recently in a virtual event attended by 300 fashion textile professionals and academia.

NNF is claimed to be the most sustainable fibre developed by DESCATUK from a perennial grass grows on rained without fertiliser and pesticides at high altitude regions of north India. It is a natural hollow fibre and fabrics made with this yarn, are lighter, warm in winter and cool in summer.

“LIVA NNF yarn is co-created in association with Birla Cellulose with 65 per cent LIVA and per cent NNF fibre. LIVA is a RCS certified recycled viscose fibre responsibly manufactured by Birla Cellulose with 20 per cent pre-consumer waste. LIVA is used with NNF to increase circularity of the value chain. NNF wool yarn is 55 per cent NNF and 45 per cent Harshil wool from the villages of Gangotri- the origin of Ganga river in the Uttarakahsi districts of Uttarakhand India to increase social impact,” said K D Sharma, CEO and Cofounder, DESCATUK.

Manohar Samual, sustainability advisor, Grasim Industries, has evaluated NNF on the 5 principles of the sustainability and declared that NNF as best fit in the event. Saurabh Mittal mentor, leadership coach and advisor to IIT Mandi catalyst opened the event with the start-up journey of DESCATUK and believes in the solid foundation of DESCATUK will lead to great future. Pradeep Kumar, Director, WFB Braied also shared his experiences of working with Wool NNF Linen fabrics in his company at the virtual event.

DESCATUK is one of the innovators of Fashion-for-Good, South Asia Innovation Program, incubated at IIT Mandi Catalyst, based in Dehradun Uttarakhand. It is working for supporting livelihood of the local community using locally available resources and skills in rural hill villages of Uttarakhand. Today, the company is piloting more 10 fashion brands, both national and international for devolvement of NNF fabrics and yarns.