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COTTON USA presents ‘Love My Cotton’

Feb 10, 2015
COTTON USA presents ‘Love My Cotton’

If our cotton could speak, it would describe the extraordinary people behind its growth and cultivation.

Our farmers are passionate: about their work, their crops and their communities. They are devoted to transforming an element from the earth into a fibre of our lives. They see a singular vision of the crop’s connection to what matters every day, and its embrace of all.

To convey this spirit, COTTON USA is presenting its new “Love My Cotton” global advertising campaign at Texworld, Paris, from today till February 12, 2015 in Hall 2 F114. The campaign, which highlights key cotton looks, will be brought to life through images and videos, and will be rolled out throughout the year across a range of platforms – from glossy magazines to social media, events and promotions. The clean modernity of the campaign emphasises US cotton qualities. It is pure and clean, of the highest quality, and grown and farmed responsibly: a living ingredient born in the USA from seed, sun and soil.

We continue to bring such energy and passion to Texworld Paris and invite show-goers to visit our newly designed booth to discover the COTTON USA Marketing and Licensing programme, which operates globally and offers a wide range of benefits and services. In addition, the COTTON USA sourcing programme can help develop and nurture business relationships along the entire supply chain by connecting buyers and sellers around the world.

Join us at Hall 2 F114, to discuss our programme with our COTTON USA representatives.
For further information: Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe, COTTON USA, Email: