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Phoenox and Sellers: A winning local partnership

admin- November 22, 2022

Phoenox Textiles has recently installed a new two-metre-wide shearing line supplied by BTMA member Sellers Textiles Engineers. As part of an ongoing investment programme ensuring ... Read More

COTTON USA at Texworld, Paris

admin- October 1, 2015

´If our cotton could speak, it would describe the extraordinary people behind its growth and cultivation.´ ´Our farmers are passionate: about their work, their crops ... Read More

INORBIT offers special package for ITMA 2015

admin- May 1, 2015

Innovation has always been an integral part of ITMA´s DNA. Since it´s inception in 1951, every ITMA exhibition has presented the latest manufacturing technology to ... Read More

COTTON USA presents ?Love My Cotton?

admin- February 10, 2015

Our farmers are passionate: about their work, their crops and their communities. They are devoted to transforming an element from the earth into a fibre ... Read More