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Centre to concentrate on khadi market

Jul 31, 2017
Centre to concentrate on khadi market

The Narendra Modi Government at the Centre is now increasingly looking to promote khadi as an international brand with a special focus on Indian diaspora. According to a strategy approved by the Centre, the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) might even encourage and incentivise Indian diaspora abroad to open and run khadi outlets and shops.

In the first phase, the Ministry plans to exhibit brand khadi in all the embassies and consulate offices either within their premises or outside. The exhibitions would not only showcase khadi products and items but will also give a detailed description on their production and value for the villages.

In the second phase, the Ministry plans to target Indian diaspora through regular interventions and exhibitions and participating in their social functions to publicise about khadi. In the third and final stage, the Ministry plans to enter into collaborations with the Department of Commerce to boost exports of khadi and will also encourage people settled abroad to open khadi shops and outlets. The proposal was recently approved by the MSME Minister Kalraj Mishra.