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Ban on plastic carry bags in Ludhiana creates problems

Jul 27, 2021
Ban on plastic carry bags in Ludhiana creates problems

Ludhiana, Punjab

The Mayor of Ludhiana has announced to ban plastic carry bags from August 01, 2021, which has caused a lot of worry and confusion among the industrialists making such bags.

The manufacturers are of the opinion that instead of putting the entire blame on the industry, the Municipal Corporation (MC) should get the sewer lines cleared and find ways to resolve the problem of drain blockage as in many other western countries, neither there is any ban on plastic bags nor their sewerages remained choked.

They also said that the state government was trying to hit this industry only whereas wrappers of biscuits, chips and other such products were more harmful. But the MC did not have guts to stop them because these were multinational companies.

Pawanpreet Singh, President, Association of Punjab Technical Textile, said that banning plastic bags was no solution. The state government would lose its revenue because people would continue to get these bags from other states.

He added that paper bags are more harmful as these are made by cutting trees. The MC should recycle plastic bags properly and generate awareness among the masses about segregation of plastic etc. but they cannot shut the entire industry.

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Source: The Tribune

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