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Baldwin to showcase TexCoat G4 at Techtextil N America

Jul 30, 2021
Baldwin to showcase TexCoat G4 at Techtextil N America

Baldwin Technology Company Inc will showcase TexCoat G4 non-contact precision spray at the Techtextil North America 2021 trade show which will take place from August 23-25 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

According to Rick Stanford, Business Development Leader, Baldwin, the company is proud to introduce the TexCoat G4 to the American textile industry. He also said that the TexCoat G4 has shown its efficiency for textile manufacturers across Europe and in North and Central America, post receiving good reviews during the launch at ITMA 2019. He said that the company is confident to meet the demand of American manufacturers related to profitability and sustainability with great margins.

It is tested that the TexCoat G4 provides high-quality fabric finishing that has no chemical waste and also reduces water and energy consumption significantly. TexCoat G4 offers sustainability benefits, allows Industry 4.0 integration, and has unprecedented tracking and process control.

The innovative non-contact spray technology by Baldwin eliminates chemistry dilution in wet-on-wet processes. The TexCoat G4 has the capacity to uniformly and consistently spray chemistry across the surface of the fabric and apply it only when needed, on either one or both sides as per the requirement. During the finishing process, the customers can expect no bath contamination and minimal downtime during changeovers. The TexCoat G4 also enhances sustainability because it doesn’t waste chemistry during fabric, color, or chemistry changeovers. Also, only required chemistry volume is applied to the fabric, the wet pick-up levels can be reduced up to 50%. This in turn leads to 50% t less water and energy consumption. Also, drying steps can be eliminated for various textiles in single side applications.

Source – Press release of "Baldwin"

Image Source: Press release of "Baldwin"

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