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Archroma and Datacolor to make ‘Color Atlas’ library system

Jul 06, 2021
Archroma and Datacolor to make ‘Color Atlas’ library system

Reinach, Switzerland

Archroma has announced that the ‘Datacolor Tools’ platform can be checked for 5’760 color references of the Color Atlas library.

Datacolor offers color management solutions so that the customers can make cost-effective and smart color decisions in applications like plastics, textiles, apparel, paint, design, and coatings. Its instruments can also be used to measure, communicate, and control color and its state-of-the-art algorithms reproduce color on materials. These benefits are considered by the Color Atlas by Archroma.

The Color Atlas was initially launched to help designers and stylists pick off-the-shelf color inspiration that can be used in production. It then kept on evolving with Archroma’s commitment to sustainability through innovation.

According to Lisa Beck, Product Manager, Datacolor, this collaboration will bring the better of two worlds where Datacolor will bring its software capability and the Color Atlas by Archroma will bring executable accuracy of the 5’760 colors. He also said that it feels like a match made in heaven for designers who are looking to expand their color horizon and improve their speed in the market.

According to Chris Hipps, Head of Color Management Services, the Archroma Brand Studio, the company is proud to partner with Datacolor and will now be able to bring more accurate color management to the designers, brands, and mills that are making use of the design tools.

Source – Press release of "Datacolor"

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