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Apparel brands focus loungewear fashionable

Jul 09, 2021
Apparel brands focus loungewear fashionable

New Delhi

Considering the changes in the working style caused by the pandemic, apparel brands have launched loungewear which is more fashionable, functional, and appropriate for the virtual work-from-home (WFH) environment.

As work-from-home has become the new reality and official formal events have gone down, the apparel brands have come up with new ideas where they have tweaked the designs of the loungewear and made them more functional.

Designer brand Ritu Kumar has launched Label Basics offering relaxed bottoms, fuss-free dresses, and easy-to-wear coordinated sets for virtual meetings. According to Amrish Kumar, Managing and Creative Director, Ritu Kumar, the clothes are easy to wear and can be easily transitioned between day and night. The clothes have a pretty colour palette, easy fit, and fascinating patterns that can be used throughout the year. The clothes are done using high-quality fabrics and are ideal for seamless dressing.

Ethnic wear brand Biba India has also launched loungewear and athleisure category that focus on casual kurtas and bottom wear, during the pandemic. According to Siddharth Bindra, Managing Director, Biba India, the women demanded simple styles with more focus on the design of the top wear because that was perfect for their zoom calls.

Source – Live Mint

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