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Altor Fund V acquires Oceansapart

Aug 04, 2021
Altor Fund V acquires Oceansapart


Altor Fund V has signed an agreement wherein it is going to acquire a majority stake in Oceansapart, a Rise Up Fashion GmbH. 

Oceansapart was founded in 2018 and is a uniquely positioned non-competitive activewear apparel company. The activewear designs by the company include bras, hoodies, activewear accessories, and leggings. Here, the company mainly caters to the needs of female customers. According to Paul Engelmann, CEO and Susanna Wagner, CPO, the company wants to become the global activewear brand for the new generation. The team is excited to welcome Altor as the new majority owner and long-term partner. This is going to give the company an edge to expand its digital marketing channels and drive the internationalization of oceansapart.

According to Klas Johansson, Partner and Head, DACH Altor, this investment is going to help the company to set a successful investment track record in the apparel and direct-to-consumer market. He also said that the company has recently made an IPO of RevolutionRace on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange.

As per Giovanna Maag, Partner, Altor, the growth track of oceansapart is impressive as it has expanded in five countries in the time bracket of four years. He said that the company is excited to partner with oceansapart on its continued internationalization journey.

Altor is also going to partner with a value-creating investor, as per the records.

Source – Market Insiders

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